We’re are very pleased to announce the launch of CG Monks – a small group of cg artists who like making the kind of stuff that makes this business of animation more intuitive and enjoyable.

Throughout history monks of various traditions have worked away perfecting their various crafts and leaving posterity beautiful manuscripts, art and traditions that we can all admire even when we may not share their individual beliefs. Their callings were consistently to be more than about themselves. That endless pursuit of perfecting one’s own craft, not to gain fame or fortune but for the sake of perpetual improvement is one that we strive for.


Our goals include:
  • Providing work for hire TD and animation work
  • Creating¬†¬†commonsense tools we actually use them on a daily basis including our own modular character rigging system
  • Creating a community collaborative site that acts as a virtual studio, place to get community vetted tools and assets, and to get questions answered
  • Creating stable character (including Morpheus 2.0) and prop assets that follow common sense and animator friendly standards.
Check back soon!

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