Tool for dealing with maya sets and quick select sets. Rather then some pipeline specific or rig specific selector/keyer gui we wanted something that would work with any thing that can be added to a set in Maya. Serves a wide variety of functions within that area.


  • Recognizes quick select and regular sets
  • Reference specific tools
  • Organize sets by category for better set management.
    Categories: animation, layout, modeling, td, fx, lighting
  • Marking menu tool that connects for more intuitive workflow on the fly
  • Multiple ways to work with sets in maya
  • Sorting – The first way to sort sets to keep a big scene from getting overwhelming set list wise
    • Reference – Load local or any any combination of referenced sets
    • Type – Load whatever specific types you want
  • Keying Mode – Set the keying mode to be either regular or breakdown mode
  • Grouping Modes-Another method of keeping scenes clean without a lot of fuss
    • Maintain Local Set Group – Keeps any local sets created under a master set to keep the scene clean
  • Auto Hide
    • Anim Layer Sets – blocks animLayer sets
    • Maya Sets – blocks standard maya sets
    • Set Groups – Keeps local set groups from loading
  • Multi Modes:
    • Set all as active/inactive
    • Set Mode
      • All loaded – Multi functions act on all loaded sets. Loaded sets are what you see in the tool. NOT all sets in scene.
      • Active – Multi functions act on active sets only. Active sets have a check mark by them
    • Key( k ) / delete( d ) / reset( r ) all set members (on active frame) based on mode
    • Right click
      • Set multi type based on mode
  • Individual Set Controls:
    • Make active/inactive
    • ( s ) – Select
    • Set names editable with typical cgm naming style (root name, tag is auto supplied)
    •  ( + )  Add selected to set
    •  ( – )  Subtract selected from set
    •  ( k )   Key set members
    •  ( d )  Delete set member keys
    •  ( r )   Reset set members
    • Right click text field:
      • Qss – toggle to make set a quick select set or not
      • Set Type Category
      • Purge
      • Duplicate
      • Delete

Marking Menu

  • Complimentary Marking menu tool for fast access to functions
  • Key/Delete Key/Select  both loaded/active sets via the compass
  • Easily select loaded sets individually and see which are active
  • Change tool options – key type mode, references to load, types to load