OptionVar UI

The option var UI is used to easily change options for the various tools in cgmToolbox 2.0. It may be accessed via:

  • Top Menu>CGM>snap>{Options}
  • MarkingMenu>Options>Option UI

It is divided into two sections.

  • Buffers top menu
  • Main body

Buffers Top Menu
All buffers share the same options.

  • Define
  • Add selected
  • Remove selected
  • Report
  • Select members
  • Clear

Current Buffers

  • Match – Locinator’s match buffer. See it for more info.
  • Cast- Buffer of objects to cast at. Otherwise, all surfaces are targets.


Match Options
Set the snap match mode option.

Aim Options
Set the shared aim options for various tools

  • Local – Aim from current up vector
  • World – Aim with world up vector
  • Matrix – Bokser’s setup. Still WIP

Obj Defaults
What information is to be assumed on selected objects should no object specific information be self stored. The are set as strings – ‘z+’ for example.

  • Obj Aim
  • Obj Up
  • Obj Out
  • Tag Selected for aim – Tag selected objects with attributes to store the current defaults. May be changed after.

Raycast Options
These options affect both ray snapping and creation.

  • Cast
    • Surface(close) — First hit per surface
    • Midpoint(mid) — Mid point of nearest and furthest hits detected
    • Far — Furthest hit
    • Pierce(all) — All intersections
    • xPlane(x) — Plane is generated to cast upon
    • yPlane(y) — ” “
    • zPlane(z) — ” “
  • Offset
    • None
    • Distance — Object is offset by a given distance along the vector of the mesh hit
    • SnapCast — Object is offset by a detected offset amount based on the objects ‘down’ axis first intersection. This is only until we find a better way to detect a better offset amount.
  • Orient
    • None
    • Normal — Orient target with the assumed axis information relative to the normal of the mesh hit. The orient mode is still being refined.
  • Set Drag Interval — brings up a ui prompt to change the offset value to use with offset distance mode.
  • Set offset — brings up a ui prompt to change the offset value to use with offset distance mode.

Shape Creation
Options for creating curve controls.

  • Shape – Set the shape to be created. Left click to get new options as a popup menu.
  • Default Color – Set the color to create shapes as. Left click to get new options
  • Create Aim – The axis the created shapes will be created as so that they properly snap to your target object’s orientation
  • Size Mode 
    • guess – First attempt to get size by bounding box max. Otherwise, check closest child distance. Otherwise, check parent distance. Fail.
      • This mode uses the multiplier
    • fixed – Use stored size
    • cast (NOT IMPLEMENTED)
  • Size – Brings up a uiPrompt to change the optionVar
  • Multiplier – Brings up a uiPrompt to change the optionVar
  • Create – Create a control curve at selected objects
  • One of Each – Create one of each shape in the cgm shape library