cgmMM – Anim

This is the simple anim marking menu. It’s designed to be quick loading and provide only the tools and functions that are most helpful when animating.

To Do

  • Verify older utilites in newer maya versions
  • Connect Morgan Loomis repository to make sure the stuff we have is up to date

Quick Press Function

Rapidly using the hot key will function as maya’s traditional set key as well as honoring the options as specified by the user. By default, it works exactly like Mayas.


  • Snap (N) — ┬áSee cgmMarkingMenu for breakdown
  • Delete Key (W)
  • Set Key (NE) — Manual set key instead of quick drop
  • dragBetween (E) — Uses Morgan Loomis great script for interactive tweening
  • Set Key – BD (SE) — Manual breakdown set key instead of quick drop
  • Reset (S) — Reset selection based on settings. Channel box selection honored when in that mode

Lower Section


Series of tools we’re allowed to include

  • autoTangent — Michael Comet
  • tweenMachine — Justin Barrett
  • ml_arcTracer — Morgan Loomis
  • ml_copyAnim — Morgan Loomis
  • ml_hold — Morgan Loomis


  • Key Type —
    • Regular
    • Breakdown key — for anyone who uses them
  • Key Mode
    • Default
    • Channel box — first attempts to find selected attrs in the channel box for keying before keying all on selected objects
  • Reset Mode
    • Default — reset all keyable attributes
    • Transform attrs — Only reset transform attrs. Useful when settings on some controls are keyable as well