Our attempt at making attributes in maya a simpler process to deal with.


  • Multi attribute adding and editing
  • Individual attribute setting control
  • Attribute conversion
  • Autohide
    • Transforms
    • User Defined
    • Parent Attributes – for example translate, parent of (tx,ty,tz)
    • CGM Attributes –
    • Nonstandard – culls out most attributes that folks don’t use
  • Sort Modify – sorts the attributes in the modify section alphabetically
  • Add multiple attributes to a selected object
    • Separate multiple attributes via ‘;’
    • The last attribute created is automatically loaded in the editing window below
    • If you have message attribute type selected and you have more than two objects selected, the objects will be added to the last object as message nodes providing you have enough attribute names
  • Modification
    Use the (>>) and selected object to load an object. The drop down menu will populate with attributes. ¬†All changes occur in real time – hit a flag, and the attribute is updated. There is also a preview of information – current value, connection info 

    • The options shown depend on the attribute type selected
    • ( X) Deletes the attribute
    • Standard Flags for standard states
      • Keyable
      • Hidden
      • Locked
    • Naming Row
      • Name – change the name of the attribute
      • Nice – set nice name
      • alias – set alias
    • Numeric
      • Min
      • Max
      • Default
      • SoftMin
      • SoftMax
    • Enum
      • Follows Maya’s standard naming format to change options of | (string):(string)=value |
      • For example, off:on , cat:dog:mouse, stopped=0:slow=1:fastest=100
    • String – Change the value
    • Message – displays current message connected object (if exists)
      • ( << ) – Add selected object to the message attribute
    • Type
      • The attributes current type is selected, if you select another. The attribute will convert to that type


  • (>>) Load to field to set the current source object
  • Attribute list management for multi attribute editing
    • Move up/down to reorder the attributes as they appear in the channel box
    • Right click
      • Make Keyable/unkeyable
      • Make hidden/unhidden
      • Make locked/unlocked
      • Delete
  • Connect/Copy/Transfer – works from selected attributes in the editor
    • Connect to function
    • Copy attributes to selected objects with a good bit of options:
      • Convert – converts attribute type if necessary
      • Value – copy values
      • In – copy incoming connections
      • Out – copy outgoing connections
      • Keep – keep source connections
      • Drive – connect the selected to the created or matched attributes
      • Options – Copy typical flags (keyable,hidden,locked) and numeric ones where possible(defaultValue, max,min, softMin,softMax)
    • Transfer selected attributes to selected object


  • cgmName to float – Creates a float attribute from the cgmName. Hold over. Probably unnecessary
  • select driven joints – Selected driven joints from a sdk attribute