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Tool builds may be found here :

To get access to more stuff and provide more feedback we have a Slack Channel. To join, ping us on our facebook page and let us know.

Current requirements are:

  • Maya 2010+
  • OS:
    • Windows  – no issues reported
    • Mac – no issues reported
    • Linux – need more feedback
Current contents include:
  • cgmTools
    • Josh Burton and David Bokser
  • Additional tools from:
    • Justin Barrett
    • Michael Comet
    • John Doublestein
    • Scott Englert
    • Morgan Loomis
    • Hamish McKenzie
    • Brendan Ross
    • Bohdon Sayre

For testers using stand alone release packs:
Simple tutorial for installation…

  • Close Maya
  • Unzip the contents of the release pack
  • Place them in your maya/scripts folder. Typical paths are:
    • Windows – c:\Users\<USERNAME>\My Documents\maya\<version>\scripts
    • Mac – /Users/<USERNAME>/Library/Preferences/Autodesk/maya/<version>/scripts
  • Load maya and in a MEL comand line type:
Common issues
  • Please ensure you follow the install instructions, in whatever maya script folder you wanna put stuff, you should see: cgmToolbox.mel, and cgm folder
  • Before you start to log a bug, please do the following:
    • Turn on Script Editor>History>Show Stack Trace. It’ll help you figure out where to start. Make note of any errors on the offending function
    • See if you can replicate the issue to provide the best bug report as possible
    • We need to know OS, Maya version and any other pertinent info
  • Common Errors:
    • typeFactories Error
      • More than likely you have an old install of zooToolbox. We share some libraries so if you have a very old library it may be causing a conflict