This Week @ CGM

Well it’s about jolly time. I know. Sorry for the delays and the lack of vids. We’ve been swamped with work this month. Josh wrapped up his gig and is back coding this week, Ryan has been getting the initial web stuff going and Bokser is on a gig through the end of the month.

Here’s the notes from today’s tester release:

  • Bohdon Sayre new contributor!
    • boTriggers now includedWill work on looking at implementing more
  • General
    • Fixed a bad function call from ObjectFactory for .name(). The new call is .doName(). Was causing the control maker to error out
    • work on installer – wasn’t working on 2012
    • need to make the shelf uninstallable
    • Marking menus
    • More minor work
  • cgm.AnimTools
    • Morgan Loomis’ Copy Anim and Convert Rotation order now implemented
  • cgm.tdTools
    • Added John Doublestein’s Dynamic Parent Constraint Tool
    • zoo.SkinPropagationTool – link broke at some point.Fixed
    • Made polyUnite work with FFD’s. It’s a bit of a hack. Wanna look at cleaner implementation
    • returnSelectedAttributesFromChannelBox (NEW) – query for lots of stuff
    • returnObjectBuffers(NEW) – search a scene for object buffers for other tools
  • cgm.BufferFactory
    • now working pretty much as expected
  • cgm.bufferTools
    • starting working on the gui
    • Got some basic stuff working
  • cgm.attributes
    • Oh, stupid attributes lib. Lots and lots of work in it. Trying to unify calls where possible to my preferred method of (obj,attr) format rather than having to format everthing.
    • ¬†simplified several commands – return driven/driver attribute/object in conjunction with buffer tools
    • doSetAttr – made to work with different attribute types. changes based on type
    • convertAttrType – new function to change an attribute from one type to another. Enum’s are stored to strings as ‘option1;option2’. Strings with a ‘;’ will split to enum options on conversion
      • storeInfo – modified to match attr type for storing for the previous bullet
  • Bugs reported
    • zooHudCTRL – fixed bug from missing¬†zooDates.mel. Added it. Fixed. Amazing.
    • cgm.tdTools.cgmNameToFloat – missing an import
    • cgm.tdTools.cgmNameToFloat – wasn’t creating keyable attr. Fixed. Also made better reporting.

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