This Week @ CGM

It was a good week last week and things are moving along. Progress may slow a bit as both David and Josh are working gigs. Ryan is working on the first of the web side of things and we’re lookin forward to start testing that soon.

Josh is doing a webinar this week for Faceware should you be interested in checking that out. He’ll be covering Facial rigging workflow as well as a bunch of tools in the libraries. If you wanna check it out, sign up here. Also, if you have any topics you’d like covered leave a comment below.


  • Main Gui
    • cgm.animTools move to anim tab
    •  Added hot keys from zoo tools. There’s some in there I hadn’t messed with before. Neat stuff
  •  cgm.animTools
    • Justin Barrett’s tweenMachine added!
    •  Morgan Loomis’ Breakdown dragger added!
  •  Locinator/animTool update
    •  Now have the ability to specify parent/point/orient mode on object updates. Doing it for locs would take a bit of time and unless there’s a demand for it, gonna let is slide
    • When you tag an object to a match loc, it now updates the rotation order of the loc and there is an option to turn that on and off in options
  • Plans on animTools
    • The snap tab will eventually have some additional tools as well for fk/ik switching, pose mirroring, etc one we have the modular rigger up
    •  Thinking about a mini tween machine that works off buffers
    • Actually planning on doing a lot with buffers
  •  Under the hood work
    • Added a true reset now to the cgm stuff that resets that respective tool’s optionVar’s to original setting. As such, been working on an optionVar class wrapper for doing some buffer stuff that’ll save between sessions
    •  Got some good notes from one of my TD friends Scott Englert who’s a much, much more experience coder than I. So been doing a lot of work on that front
    • Classes are now stored in a separate class folder in cgm.lib



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