This Week @ CGM

Last week was a productive week.

 First off, I’m happy to announce we’ve received permission from Michael Comet to included any of his scripts we like in our release pack. Initially that will include autoTangent and cometJointOrient.
We believe one of the benefits of not charging for tool kit is that there’s less anxiety from other tool makers on letting us include their great tools as well. As one of our rules is not to reinvent the wheel if there are already great tools out there, we’re super excited. We’re so grateful for their willingness to share as the idea of a single easily accessible collection would be a great benefit to most of our various script laden folders:)

Here’s the weeks update….

What’s new?

  • General
    • tweaks to the color templates
  • cgmTools main gui
    • Added a bunch of zoo tools to be accessible from it
  • cgm.tdTools
    • Changes to the font menu
    • Preloading options
    • New size options – Size+ & 1/2 Size
  • cgm.tdTools.curves
    • Zero me – some more work on it to work with objects with pivots that have been moved
    • Curve Library – unified the aim and up directions of the curves
    • Parent selected – simple order based  parenter
    • Curve control connect – lots of options for how to control
      • Methods
        • Constrain – parent,point/Orient, point, orient
        • Shape Parent – shape parents the curves to the objects they’re drived from
        • Parent – parents the driven object to the control
        • Child of – parents the control to the creation object
        • Scale – whether to drive scale or not
      • Other options
        • Rotate Order (something wanted to try on a whim, we’ll see if it’s useufl) – adds an animatable rotate order attribute to the curve that drives all related objects and groups
        • +Group – adds an extra group the curve for constraining purposes
        • LockNHide – Lock’s and hides any attributes not being used
        • Heir – check to maintain the heirarchy if you choose, via group constraints or matching the existing heirarchy with the controls and groups
      • Updates transform on connect so you can do whatever you want to the curve control before connecting it
    • Master control maker now sets up basic groups and connects vis controls to those groups if you have vis selected on creation
    • Replace shapes – selected an existing nurbs control in a rig, make a new curve. Then select the new curve, then the old and it will replace the shapes of your existing control without breaking anything
    • Create one of each – easy way to see all of the curves in the library (they all create at world center, select them and go to cgmTools.position>grid layout to see them easier. Speaking of…
  • cgm.tdTools.position
    • Grid layout – reworked to work off of object space to make. Changed the logic to offer more options down the road
  • cgm.tdTools.joints (NEW TAB)
    • Michael Comet’s joint orient added
What’s next?
  • cgm.animTools
    • Started blocking things out and figuring out the first pass of tools to be included. First up is updating some cgm.locinator features to make it more flexible.
  • cgm.tdTools
    • continue working through getting the intial tool tested and complete

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