This Week @ CGM

After making enough updates to locinator to make last weeks intro vid obsolete our thinking is that perhaps we’ll hold off on full tutorial vids till the tools are in a more complete state. As such we’re gonna try a weekly video blog of where things are at and see how that goes.

Also, that facial webinar was pushed back to May for those interested.

Here’s a run down of the current development list. Scratched out stuff has been addresseed in the last week:

  • tdTools.curves
    • Text curve objects
      • Update working with heirarchal scale changes
      • Multiple update at once
      • loads last when complete
      • add option to update font on update
    • Last created object should load to available fields
      • text objects loading to text field and to autoname
    • Intelligently load selected on tool load
      • text object detection
      • others
    • Zero me still needs work
    • Fix curve library for consistency for aim’s. Z+ is always aim for stored objects for better consistency on curve creation
    • Control connection
      • Constraining options – point, orient,scale
      • Methods:
        • Direct connect
        • Constrain
        • Snap
        • Shape Parent
        • Child of
    • Add shape swap function
  • tdTools.deformers
    • polyUnite
      • not catching some objects on query (squash for example)
    • skinCluster
      • select all over verts, not just the one
      • Use the loaded mesh if there is one, regardless of selection
      • Query skin cluster for max verts and set it in the gui
  • Locinator
    • add ability to update on source objects’s keys or the object, itself
    • fix purge
    • change so created and/or selected objects are selected after completion
    • fix help
    • Lattice points need to be locable? What other things should be?

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