This Week @ CGM

Big progress for the week:
  • Updated the documentation for attrTools
  • Added buffer mode and controls to the snap marking menu
  • Lots of work on attributes front. Got a good handle on pretty much all types except multi attributes which we’ll swing back and hit later
  • Big addition this week was developing the attributes.doCopyAttr command. Maya’s own copyAttr command is a bit limited in a few ways:
    • Doesn’t support attribute copying on shape attributes
    • Doesn’t copy attribute settings (keyable, locked, etc)
    • Doesn’t allow remapping (i.e. attributes must match between objects)
  • By making our own, we’ve added some pretty cool functionality;
    • If an attribute to copy to doesn’t exist on the target, it’ll make one
    • Attribute mapping
    • copying attribute state flags
    • On the fly attribute conversion
Lessons Learned:
  • Maya’s copyAttr doesn’t support shapes annoyingly, so gotta make one. However, this has afforded more options
  • Deleting certain attributes can crash maya, yay!
  • Adding a softMin/Max to an attribute, makes it a slider in the attribute editor
  • a = b not good for copying, a = copy.copy(b) copies without the connection (make sure to import copy first:)
Next Up
  • Ryan’s estimating the first bit of the new web push will be ready next week
  • Getting back to the rigger, trying to get the base plan going on it.


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