Thu, Mar 22nd, 2012
posted by jjburton 03:03 PM

For users granted access to the repository for up-to-date tools and code this is run down on getting setup. Eventually we hope to have this all happen within Maya but for now, there’s some leg work. At present, we’re using as our code repository in the git format. This is tailored to a pc user, if we get it figured out for others, we’ll add that here.

For a great immersive, tutorial on learning git, check out gitimmersion.

For the everyday pc user…

  1. Sign up for a bitbucket account.
    If you have one already, move along…
  • Go through the tutorial to get a foundation on how stuff works.
  • At a minimum, you need to install msysgit from the tutorial. We only need step one install stuff
  • Get git permssion
    For now, this is a invitation only thing. You’ll get an invite to the repository after which you can connect to it
  • Decide where you wanna store stuff
    For myself, I created a ‘repos’ folder on my ‘x’ drive as I sync to several repositories. So my path I’ll be going to via gitBash
  • Get the git path
    If you have permission, you can go to bit bucket and see the path to sync to to clone the repository
  • Sync it up!
    1. Open git bash
    2. Browse to your directory to store stuff
    3. Type in the clone command
    4. Put your password in
    5. Let it finish up and you should see something like…
      gitBash install step screengrab
  • Check your work
    Make sure it pulled everything
  • Updating anytime is relatively straight forward anytime you please.
    1. Git bash to the cgmtools folder
    2. Type the following:
      git checkout
    3. Input your password and let the download finish
    4. Have a chocolate, you deserve it!

    After you’ve done this step, time to setup your maya.env