Fri, Sep 14th, 2012
posted by jjburton 08:09 AM

Where we’re at in the tag animation. Been busy around here…

  • Bokser and I were both away some on vacation time and are starting a new gig this week so it’ll be slow on the update front
  • Lookin to post the Morpheus 2.0 Kickstarter teaser vid next week. Lookin forward to it
  • Hopin to get back to the rigger soon, it should would be handy about now
  • Guild Wars 2 is awesome
Mon, Aug 20th, 2012
posted by jjburton 09:08 AM

Josh has been playing around with a tag animation for the company – both need a break from Python and wanting to animate a bit. Bokser has volunteered to do the particle fx. Seriously. He did. Don’t believe his denials…:)