New Tool Contributors

We love finding great tools that fill needs in the animation workflow.  If you’re interested in having your tools in the cgmToolbox there’s a few things we want to make clear.

  1. Our toolbox is not behind a paywall. As such, if you’re looking for money from us to have your tool(s) in the toolset we’re afraid you’ll need to look elsewhere.
  2. Drop in and run install process. Requiring specific plugins and other libraries not a part of our toolbox isn’t going to work for the toolbox. We want to be a easy to install, easy run tool set. That doesn’t mean we won’t want to push and encourage your tool if it doesn’t fit that model.
  3. No pymel in the base libraries. For why, see this post from one of our favorite toolmakers. If your tool is a standalone, we might still be able to included it in the pack but we’re keeping it out of the core libraries of the cgmToolbox. Thanks for understanding.
  4. We have a support site available for you to use to help folks. We encourage you to use it to help people who might be having issues with your tool(s) or with a topic you’re experienced with. The site is Currently it is in open beta.
  5. If someone needs support that is more complicated, we will point them to you and you are welcome to ask for compensation from them for that time. One of our pay models is free access, pay for custom support.
  6. We encourage you to dig into our own code base to use. If you want to help us make it better, it helps all of our tools get better and stronger.
  7. Currently we only support Maya. HOWEVER, we would love to find Blender,Max or other package  td’s interested in starting to migrate some tools to other packages.

If you’re still interested, please contact us with your name and a demo of your tool or tools. Thanks!