‘LBS’ Proxy Alpha 1!

First new rig in way too long.

This release is about getting out our first proxy rig and new character for the community to use. As you’ll see, this first release is limited geo in what we’ll be calling a proxy rig. The final release version of this little guy will be more of what you’d see here:

This rigging system is what the Morpheus 2 tech has turned into and we’re excited to push it forward. When it’s a bit further along we’ll be re-rigging Morpheus 2’s base asset with it and release that as well.

We’ll have more on our plans with the alpha 2 release hopefully in a few weeks. We have some gigs that we have to do as well and one of our partners welcomed his first son into the world last month and so he’s a little busy at present.

For now, here’s alpha 1!

{ Get it here. }



  • First release using the new Morpheus Rig System (name subject to change)
  • Unity targeted rig – lower joint count and other considerations
  • Most major rig features in place
    • Space/follow setups with space pivots where sensible
    • Puppet and part object sets
    • Fk/IK
    • Multi banking foot with direct controls
    • Direct joint controls
    • Framework for a ton of stuff for the next push
    • Twist segments and handles
    • Look at head setup
  • Proxy geo
  • Proxy shapes for direct controls where possible

Next Sprint

  • UI
    • Animator UI first pass
    • Refine Marking Menu
    • Builder refinement
  • Rig Features
    • Grouping wiring
    • FK/IK switching system
    • Scale enabled on rig where it makes sense
    • Squash Stretch in segments and rig
  • Builder
    • Hand setup helper
    • Better foot shape


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