cgmToolbox – build 06112012

Trying a new distribution method. Open Beta!


cgm.setTools (NEW)
Sitting in the dev tab for now. Tool for dealing with maya sets and quick select sets. More work incoming this week with categories and reference sorting.

  • Recognizes quick select and regular sets
  • References:
    • Grabs prefixes for sorting
    • Disables some controls with references
  • Group Mode:
    • Set all as active/inactive
    • Key all/delete all keys (on active frame)
    • All (loaded) and active sets modes as well as individual control\
  • Individual:
    • Make active/inactive
    • select
    • Set names editable with typical cgm naming style (root name, tag is auto supplied)
    • add to
    • subtract from
    • key
    • delete
    • Right click text field:
      • Set as qss type
      • Set Type
      • Purge
      • Duplicate
      • Delete


  • Now obsolete – Josh discovered that the cgm specific bufferTypes were unecessary, so retooled the entire concept to work with standard maya object sets. It’s not clearly documented you can store attributes and what not to sets.
  • Oh so much work….
  • Made it so you can have a default value on call
  • Made type not necessary on call
  • Initial single item list calls correctly
  • Changed priorities:
  • If value on call:
    • if value is list, self.value is list or single, extend
    • if value is single, if self.value…
      • list, append
      • single, replace
    • If not value on call:
      •  set default value
  • Retooled from BufferFactory. Same concept just now utilizing standard maya sets
  • Added a cgm option var purge for testing purposes.

Bug Fixes:

  • Issue  with curve creation on tdTools fixed due to calling an optionVar on menu build not going off till the menu was activated.
  • NameFactory was erroring out on naming shapes of sets because set member shapes are returned on a shape listRelatives call. Added a ref check to the name object function

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