cgmToolbox – build 07162012

New build for the week. Lots of work last week on the underpinning classes for the new rigger which we’re dubbing ‘cgm.puppetBox’ for now. Need help running down a bug with cgm.setTools. If you have any info on hard mayra crashes stemming from it, please forward as we’re unable to replicate it.


  • cgm.puppetBox
    • Added a frame layout for axis stuff
    • Got modules start
  • AttrFactory
    • Make axis setup work priority wise
    • fixed bug whereby self.children wasn’t declared
    • made doStore set the self.value as well when storing
    • made it properly store a value on initialization if a message attr
    • couple of bug fixes on string formatting
  • NameFactory
    • Fixed returnRawGeneratedName and returnObjectGeneratedNameDict to allow more than one ignore tag
  • cgm.rigging
    • doParentReturnName – added a simple check to see if the object is already parented to avoid maya reporting it
  • BufferFactory
    • removed the cgmType default labeling on call to let this be used with any transform
  • guiFactory
    • Added frame layout to our standared gui templates
    • doPrint ReportStart – added label option to make it clearer in the script edito
    • returnRawTagInfo – Removed assertion, cleaned up string formatting because I realize now I was an idiot back when
  • cgm.modules
    • createInfoNull-Fixed for unique name on creation of null
  • ObjectFactory
    • Added reference checking and checks on certain functions
  • Modulefactory
    • Initial creation, reworking master class from Limb
    • self repairing initialization
    • added initialization for referenced assets
  • Limb
    • module – Initial creation utilzing the ModuleFactory master class
  • PuppetFactory
    • Reworked setAxis functions to prioritize setting, conflicts will be changed. Priority order is aim,up,out
    • Added add module feature
    • Added ModuleFactory and BufferFactory as callable for certain features
    • Made it work with referenced puppets

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