cgmToolbox – build 07092012

Most of the work stemmed from getting back to work on the modular rigger. Afraid it’s gonna be a long slog…:)
  • cgm.NameFactory
    • Made the simple do namer work better. Added a fastIterate option (default is True). Now if sceneUnique is false it doesn’t look in the scene for the name
    • fixed various bugs this introduced
  • Fixed a bunch of broken links stemming from attributes.deleteAttr changing to attributes.doDeleteAttr
  • cgm.controlBuilder
    • Fixed a problem from a function call change
  • cgm.PuppetFactory
    • Started the rigger, currently this is what it’s going to be called
    • Moved the size template maker to this class
    • Set up the class as self repairing for structure
  • cgm.Thingamarig
    • Started the tool, still VERY early. This week…
      • Puppet creation
      • Geo assignment
      • Axis picking
      • name changing
      • size template creation
  • cgm.AttrFactory
    • Added enum command on initialization call
    • Added initialValue keyword for a value ONLY set on creation
  • cgm.attributes
    • Doc fixes, and some bug fixes
    • + addPickAxisAttr(obj,name) – easy axis picker attribute

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