cgmToolbox – build 06182012

Hot off the repository! The big push in this pack is finishing up the first pass of cgm.setTools. There’s a tool page setup now for more details (see the nav on the side).

The first release today had a bug with active/loaded modes 

  • ml_resetChannels
    • Sent potential change to Morgan to allow attributes to be passed through the function. Temporary patch in Toolbox version till Morgan decides how he wants to handle
  • cgm.setMenu
    • Marking menu counterpart to cgm.setTools
    • Key/Delete Key/Select Loaded or active sets
    • Individual set selection
    • Load setTools
    • Toggle types and references options
    • Change keying type mode
  • cgm.setTools
    • Reference sorting implemented
    • Added Reset functions per set and with multimode
    • Added key mode to be able to set reg keys or breakdown keys
    • Type sorting implemented
    • Added mulittagging via a right click menu on the mode toggle
    • Set grouping implemented
      • maintain local scene set group option for clean scenes
      • hide set groups option to keep them from loading
    • Tweaked the objectSet search function. Oddly enough animation layers were coming up in the search
    • Added a few more checks to selected channels check. Added ability to return raw channels
  • cgm.lists
    • changed the return on returnMatchedList to be [] instead of False when no matches found
  • cgm.OptionVarFactory
    • Added a defaultValue call option that will ONLY set if the optionVar doesn’t exist yet
    • Default type is int now
    • Fixed a data check logic process. It was turning empty string optionVar’s to ints
  • cgm.SetFactory
    • added doName function
    • added doSetType function
    • added refPrefix attribute to the class
    • added parents attribute to the class  to call to know which sets a set might belong to

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