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Thu, Nov 1st, 2012
posted by jjburton 03:11 PM

We’re trying out the name ProblemKicker. If anyone else had a better one, we’re all ears.

Mon, Aug 6th, 2012
posted by jjburton 10:08 AM

This week we’ve got a great little demo by one of Josh’s good friends – ┬átalented animator and teacher,┬áKeith Osborn. He put together nice little demonstration for how to use cgm.locinator to bake animation of a character from local space to world space and back. In this case, Keith takes a cycled animation cycle of ole’ Squirrely and animates the master translate, then plots that animation through the scene. Enough explanations, just give it a watch!

Work has been plugging a long in the meantime – mainly on the rigger – just don’t have enough to show that makes sense. Josh is out in LA visiting David and we’ve been making plans for Morpheus 2.0 and for the next year of development. Super exciting:)


Fri, Apr 13th, 2012
posted by jjburton 11:04 AM

Intro to a wip tool from cgm.tdTools. As you’ll see. Still wip

If you wanna sign up to be a tester, there’s a link on the contact page.