A set by any other name…

…isn’t necessarily a quick select set.

So, I learned I’d been going in the wrong direction for a couple of weeks on the buffer front. A bit frustrating? Yes. However, plenty of stuff learned. Failure is learning. And the faster you admit it, the faster you can start a new path. Hopefully the right one!

The main reasons I’d thought we needed a custom buffers turned out to not be true, it just so happens that Maya’s documentation is about as clear as mud on that front.

Here’s some useful tidbits:

  • A quick select set is just a regular maya set that has it’s ‘text’ tag set to be ‘gCharacterSet’. ¬†As far as I can tell that is the only difference at all.
  • You can indeed add attributes to a set. I’d thought for ages you could only do objects and components. If Only I’d known…
  • Anim curves can be added as well
  • Sets can be flagged to only accept certain component types. However, the list is rather limited (verts, edges, faces, editPoints)
  • If you add a set to another set, it’s like parenting them. Removing is like unparenting.

Regardless, been reworking the tools and the base functions are pretty much there. Just working through the GUI stuff. Hoping to have cgm.setTools up in the release later this week for testers.


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