2017 — a year to get things done…

We have some big plans this year. Plans to get moving on taking gigs and also delivering on some long overdue promises.

Over the last few years, we’ve been doing a ton of r&d with the Morpheus Rig 2.0 project and it’s time to refine that work into something usable both for us and our users. We started some of that this last fall with meshTools but there’s a long way to go.

  • New Marking menu
    • This is will be at the center of our new rigs and systems. Many of the concepts and ideas were fleshed out during the Morpheus project and this is a major elaboration of that effort. You can see the frame work for that here. As a short window there are currently two modes:
      • TD — This is a replacement for our old tdTools. Having more stuff at a single button press proved very helpful with the Morpheus marking menu and it made sense to expand on that. This provides access to:
        • Raycasting
        • Snapping
        • Contextual tools
        • Locinator (currently rewriting)
        • A myriad of utilities and much more
      • Anim — This is just like the old anim marking menu plus a few new features.
      • Eventually there will be a Puppet mode similar to what our users were testing for Morpheus 2.0
  • Core Rewrite
    • This work began in November 2016 and is ongoing. We’ve been bringing to our cgm.core those functions and modules that our necessary for our next steps and will eventually cull out the old cgm.lib.
  • Morpheus Rigging System
    • In order to take jobs again in the time windows we have, we will be pushing our rigger to completion and along with that delivering at least a rig or two to the community. This involves a bit of re-imagining of the some concepts but feel this is the best way to go to get our users and backers the most functional setup we can deliver. I’m not gonna flesh out all of our ideas here as having failed on delivering what I’d hoped for Morpheus 2.0 initially there is a rather understandable gaping canyon of trust for deliving. When it’s done, you’ll see it. Those that are involved on either our cgmTools or Morpheus slack channels will hopefully help test and push things.If anyone wants to join those, message us here or on facebook.
    • Rigs
      • Biped base Morpheus
      • Some sort of quad rig to push some other modules through the rigger.
  • Internal Project
    • We’ve had an internal content project on hold for way too long and we plan on getting that rolling this year



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