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Wed, May 16th, 2012
posted by jjburton 12:05 PM

Been swamped on gigs so here’s the facial webinar Josh did a few weeks back. Thanks to Faceware for putting that together. The tools are coming along albeit at a slower pace. Hope to have some new stuff to show next week!

Wed, May 9th, 2012
posted by jjburton 10:05 AM

Sorry for the delay. Busy week:)
Lots of new tools rolled in from Morgan Loomis. Fantastic stuff. another reason why we’re glad this endeavor is taking shape. So many great tools out there that no one knows how to find em all. In keeping with that idea, we’re  thrilled to announce a new contributor – Bohdon Sayre. Woot!
  • New cgm.Marking Menu’s
    • Gotten a handle on setting up marking menus using zoo’s as a base and pushing them into a class wrapper from that
    • Set Key (default is s when setup) – meant to replace the s key
      • If no other function is selected, it acts just like Maya’s regular ‘s’ key
      • Reset selected (new!) – what a great tool. Reset transformations on an object or channels to default values
      • dragBreakdown
      • autoTangent
      • tweenmachine
      • locinator
      • animTools
      • ml Set Key
      • ml Hold
      • ml Delete Key
      • Plans – I wanna swing back and let the user set the default keying mode for the basic button press to improve on maya’s. For example, wanna include
        • breakdown mode – keys set are inbetween keys, maybe auto converts the key if they’re not
        • buffer key (assign a buffer to key everything in that buffer) More on buffers later
        • standard keying
    • Snapping (default is t key when setup)
      • Point Snap
      • Orient Snap
      • Parent Snap
      • Surface snap – requires last selected object to be a mesh, nurbs surface or nurbs curve
      • Match snap – using same functionality  from locinator/animTools
      • Loc Me
      • Tagging (from locinator)
        • Do you all think it worthwhile to allow tagging an object to another object and not just locators?
      • Matchmode – point/orient/parent
  • Bohdon Sayre new contributor!
    • boTriggers now included
    • Will work on looking at implementing more
  •  cgm.AnimTools
    • Morgan Loomis’ Copy Anim,Convert Rotation order and arc tracer now implemented
  • cgm.tdTools
    • Added John Doublestein’s Dynamic Parent Constraint Tool
  • cgm.attributes
    • convertAttrType – new function to change an attribute from one type to another. Enum’s are stored to strings as ‘option1;option2’. Strings with a ‘;’ will split to enum options on conversion
    • storeInfo – modified to match attr type for storing for the previous bullet
  • Bugs reported
    •  zooHudCTRL – fixed bug from missing zooDates.mel. Added it. Fixed.
    • cgm.tdTools.cgmNameToFloat – missing an import
    • cgm.tdTools.cgmNameToFloat – wasn’t creating keyable attr. Fixed. Also made better reporting.