Series of tools for positioning objects.

  • Click Mesh(added 10.16.2012)
    • Add target mesh objects with the ‘>>’ button
    • Modes:
      • Surface – places on the surface
      • Bisect – places at every contact of the cast ray on the object(s)
      • MidPoint – finds the midpoint of hit points
    • Drag – whether you want creation as you drag or not. Default is only on mouse release
    • Clamp – how many intersection are allowed, 0 means infinite
    • Create Modes – all but locator and joint will create when you drop the tool or press ‘q’ on most maya default setups
      • locator
      • joint
      • jointChain
      • curve
      • follicle
      • group — only a transform at that spot
    • Start – initializes tool
    • Drop – finalizes it (or ‘q’)
  • Snap move (parent, point,orient)
  • Snap aim (one to next, all to last)
  • Snap to surface – snaps all selected objects to the last object in a selection
    • Options include simple snap and a snap and aim with  normal or start position orient after snap possibilities
  • Grid Layout – lays out a selection of objects in a set number of columns. Option to arrange by name. Useful for laying out a bunch of blendShape targets for example
  • Constraints
    • JTD Dynamic Parent Constraint (John Doublestein)

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