Series of tools for working with deformers

  • There’s a master basename, source and targets fields to work with and 3 modes.
  • skinCluster
    • Query
      • Find verts with excess influence – created because maya doesn’t seem to honor it’s limits very well
      • Select influences
    • Copy
      • First component to others (example – one vert to others)
      • Vert from closest (checks the nearest vert to another vert regardless of if they’re on the same mesh)
      • object to objects – easy to use skinning transfer. Queries influences from a source mesh, skins  the new to those influences. Copies the weights
    • Utilities
      • abWeightLifter(from Brendan Ross) – tool for working with influences in a more detailed manner
  • blendshape
    • Baker
      • Bake out blendshapes from a blendshape node in case you’ve deleted the target shapes (supports inbetweens)
      • Bake blendshapes from a source object to another object. After that, it rebuilds the blendshape node on the new object(with inbetweens) and transfers connections (as in from a rig) if you so choose
    • Pose Buffer
      • Create a pose buffer from a blendshape node to hook up a rig to
      • Update a pose buffer with new shapes or remove deleted ones
    • Utilities
      • abSymMesh (from Brendan Ross) – Great tool for working with fixing blendshape based geo and symmetry issues with geo
      • abTwoFace (from Brendan Ross) – Tool to split out symmetrical split poses from a full target shape
  • Utilities
    • Shrink wrap
      • Shrink wrap components or objects to a source object
    • PolyUnite
      • Build and remove poly unite nodes to easily facilitate single mesh caching
    • General
      • Deformer Keyable Attr Connect – takes the keyable attributes from a deformer node or control, recreates those attributes on a new animation object control and connects them.

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