Series of tools for working with curves.

  • Set Color – basic object coloring that detects and colors shapes as well.
  • Grouping tools – Group Me, Group In Place, Transform Here, Copy pivot
  • Loc me and update loc from Locinator
  • Curve creation tool including specialized master control options
    • Modes:
      • Constrain – uses constraints to drive objects
      • ShapeParent – shape parents the control to the objects
      • Parent – parents the objects to the control
      • ChildOf – makes the curve a child of the object
    • Constraints(only works with Constrain mode)
      • parent
      • point/orient
      • point
      • orient
      • Scale
    • Rotate Order – adds an animatable attribute to the control which drives that objects, it’s driven object and groups
    • +Group – adds an extra constraint group to a control setup
    • LockNHide- locks and hides those attributes which our control won’t be affecting
    • Heir – maintain the heiararchal relationships
      • match – recreates the heirarchy with the controls
      • maintain – maintains via contraints on the control’s master group
  • Text Curve objects – updateable text curve object creation and updating
  • Utilities:
    • Objects to Curve – draws curve through a selection of objects
    • shapeParent- Standard maya shape parent
    • shapeParentInPlace – does what it says, parent shapes a curve to a transform at it current position
    • Replace Shapes – tool to replace the shapes of an existing curve control
    • curveToPython – generates a python command to recreate a curve (compound curves included)
    • combineCurves – combines…curves

Common issues:

  • Closed curves – currently, the curve exporter doesn’t support fully closed curves. If you make a curve circle with maya, it needs to be open for the exporter to work right. Change the sweep to 359 instead of 360 and it’ll work fine.

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