Extension specific to objects. Object must have transform.

Superclass : MetaClass/cgmNode
Subclass:  None
Location: cgm.core.cgm_Meta.cgmObject


  • node (string)- Node to initialize
  • name (string) -Name for the node
  • nodeType– (string) – type of node to create if it doesn’t exist
  • setClass – (bool) – whether to set the mClass attribute on initialization


  • p_parent – (getParent,doParent)
    • getParent(asMeta = False) – return the objects parent or False
    • doParent(parent=False) – what to parent to or False for world

Parenting – Let’s take a look at parenting.

Family Relations – Objects with transforms can have hierarchical relations that can be handy to wade through

Name Tagging – One of the things that is tedious beyond belief is naming all the little things created in a coherent manner. We got tired of doing this and so decided to do something about it. This system utilized the NameFactory which resides in cgmMeta. Some bits about this:

  • In order to do this, we have something we call name tags that are tagged to any object
  • These tags can be strings, messages, or whatever
  • Objects generate a name dict from their own data and that of their parents
  • Some name tags can be inheritted
  • Most often inheritance is from parent to child
  • In the case of an un-type tagged group, it will inherit from it’s child
  • Some tags check against a settings file for short hand names for tags – for example ‘joint’ to ‘jnt’
  • Our current tags are as follows: cgmDirection, cgmDirectionModifier, cgmPosition, cgmName, cgmType, cgmTypeModifier

Rigging Functions – There are a myriad of functions available to transform functions